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Princess of Mossy Rock || by Lupinicious on deviantART
Winter Storm || By Khevyel on deviantART
nisAssault || By Lupinicious on deviantART
A Pack Line || by DeeOtter on deviantART
Kenai’s Domain || by DeeOtter on deviantART
Taking a Poll

Hiya guys, I’m just curious as to what is everyone’s favorite species/subspecies of wolf is?

I’ll be adding up all the answers and hopefully on Saturday I’ll have enough replies and I’ll feature the most popular wolf on that day!

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Wolfgang in Flurries || by DragonWolfACe on deviantART
Eyes of the Wolf  || by  DragonWolfACe on deviantART

Uhusti of Wolf Creek Habitat and Rescue.
Young Wolf - Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo || by RoBatEye on Flickr
Grey Wolf || by Princess Stand in the Rain on Flickr
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Red Wolf || By µJoe on Flickr
Untitled || By Georgina Martin1
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